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Teachers Dress Like Students
Mrs. Boudreaux on Opposite Day
Ms. Jenni, the Secretary
It's Carnival Time

Faculty and Staff

Welcome, new teachers!

We are the D.E.S. team!

Contact Tessie Adams  Tessie Adams Assistant Principal
Contact Charmaine Bergeron  Charmaine Bergeron Teacher
Contact Ashley Boudreaux  Ashley Boudreaux Teacher
Contact Dusty Butcher  Dusty Butcher Staff
Contact Lynne Chaisson  Lynne Chaisson Teacher
Contact Ashley Clement  Ashley Clement Teacher
Contact Angela Degruise  Angela Degruise Sys Admin
Contact Angela Degruise  Angela Degruise Teacher
Contact Cheryl Degruise  Cheryl Degruise Principal
Contact Erin Dupre  Erin Dupre Teacher
Contact Julie Fanguy  Julie Fanguy Teacher
Contact Michele Foret  Michele Foret Teacher
Contact Amanda Giordano  Amanda Giordano Teacher
Contact Robin Gullage  Robin Gullage Custodian
Contact Deanna Hebert  Deanna Hebert Paraprofessional
Contact Stacy Henderson  Stacy Henderson Teacher
Contact Brandi Holcomb  Brandi Holcomb Teacher
Contact Amber Kurtz  Amber Kurtz Teacher
Contact Erin Lovil  Erin Lovil Teacher
Contact April Marcel  April Marcel Teacher
Contact Courtney Marcel  Courtney Marcel Teacher
Contact Dana Robichaux  Dana Robichaux Staff
Contact Kaitlin Rodrigue  Kaitlin Rodrigue Teacher
Contact Samantha Self  Samantha Self Teacher
Contact Susie Slaughter  Susie Slaughter Paraprofessional
Contact Serina Theriot  Serina Theriot Paraprofessional
Contact Bertie Verret  Bertie Verret Food Services
Contact Madenna Voisin  Madenna Voisin Teacher
Contact Annette Walker  Annette Walker Teacher
Ms. L. Chaisson
Lynne Chaisson
Congratulations to Ms. Lynne Chaisson for being selected as the Teacher of the Year for Dularge Elementary School!
Mrs. Kelly Gilmore
Mrs. Kelly Gilmore
Congratulations to Mrs. Kelly Gilmore for being selected as DES American Legion Teacher nominee.  We are proud of you!
Welcome, Mr. Sikes
Mrs. Giordano Works Diligently
Positive Teacher Quote