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2018 - 2019 BETA Officers

President: Aydan K

V. President: Kate D

Secretary: Jessalyn G

Historian: Nathaniel R

Chaplain: Lauren B

BETA Medal.jpg
BETA Certificate.jpg


**Service Hours Log Sheets are DUE on October 12th, 2018 for the 1st Nine Weeks.  You must have earned at least 3 hours during the 9-week period.**


BETA Sponsors: Mrs. Dupre, Ms. Degruise, Ms. Holcomb, Mrs. Clement

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BETA Club Members

Gianluca A, Lauren B,

Hayden C, Aidyn B, Jenna C 

April D, Kate D, Lana D

Hunter D, Alaina F, Drake F

Londyn G, Jessalyn G,

Dylan J, Aydan K, Kai K, 

Angel L, Waylon L, Braelynn M

Chloe M, Brady M, Bryce O

Matthew O, Nathaniel R

Devin R, Mya R, Trinity S

Kylah V, Eric V


Congratulations to BETA members: Angel, Hunter, Kate, and Lauren for placing 3rd in the BETA District Day Banner Contest.  The theme was "BETA On My Mind."



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